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Divorce Law

During divorce, the law firm you choose can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the process, the details of the divorce....

Divorce Law
bankruptcy law

Family Law

With emotions running high, family law matters can quickly become contested, leading to costly and time-consuming...

Family Law
family law


Filing for bankruptcy is the legal method of eliminating debt to obtain a fresh financial start. During a typical bankruptcy filing...



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man pulling pockets out

Major Considerations About Bankruptcy

Buried in debt and can’t see away out? Before filing chapter 7 or 13, here are some bankruptcy facts and…

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5 Ways to Prepare Financially for Divorce

Amicable or not, untangling two people’s money during a divorce is messy. Get financially prepared for divorce with these five…

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Divorce & Money: Does Ex-Spouse Have Hidden Assets?

Think your ex-spouse has hidden assets? Find out how your ex could be hiding assets, the penalties for doing so,…

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Divorce or Bankruptcy: Which Should You File First?

Should you file for divorce first before you file for bankruptcy? Or should it be the other way around? Read…